Just how typical are your storage habits?

While everyone has their own, personal reasons for requiring a self storage unit, there are certain items that are routinely found among items in storage. The top 5 item types most commonly found in storage units are as follows:

1. Baby strollers, car seats, baby toys and other items associated with young children. — No surprise here.  Given the cost associated with raising a child, it’s no wonder that the child’s toys and necessary equipment is stored rather than disposed of.
2. Furniture — Grandma’s bureau? Check.  Old mattresses? Check.  That headboard that’s too big for the new bedroom?  Check.
3. Seasonal items such as Christmas ornaments, lawn and garden tools, bicycles, BBQ grills, etc. — We all got ’em, and we all think they will work just as good next year.  The problem is, they usually don’t and we end up buying new.
4. Appliances — Most common appliance?  Counter-top microwave.
5. Personal files and memorabilia. — My mother kept a file on each child, with papers and projects we had completed in school, and gave them to us when we finally left home.  Yup, still got mine, too.

The above items represent the storage habits of the typical self storage customer.  However, everyone’s requirements are different.  For many, the reason for renting a self storage unit may be due to relocation, separation of a family, or death of a loved one.  For a person going through a traumatic event such as this, the need to rent a storage unit may be more of a “let’s put this in storage, and deal with it later” situation.


The importance of preservation for items in self storage.

Did you know, however, that every one of these items mentioned above can benefit from the stable environment found in a climate-controlled storage unit? Excessive swings in the level of heat and humidity can lead to rusting of metal items, warping/splitting of wood items, deterioration of paper files and photographs, and the most feared effect – the growth of mold and mildew.
There are numerous options available to those seeking self storage – regardless of the individual need or storage habits.  I believe though, that if it’s worth storing, then it’s worth preserving.  To help ensure the protection and preservation of your possessions, always store them in a climate-controlled environment.

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  1. I have been renting my storage unit here for over a year and I can tell you it is the best choice I could have made. It’s always clean there, and when I go there it’s always well lit. And I like when I go in and walk to my storage unit the lights go on, one at a time, as I move forward. Also very secure, and being a woman, that makes me feel good having cameras every where. And Joel is the first person I met when I wanted to rent a unit and he showed me different ones to help me make my choice. He is a super nice person, always there to help you and is very friendly. He is a sweetheart.So if I do have any questions about any thing it’s nice to have and see a familiar face. Thanks Joel for being such a great person.

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