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November 9, 2015

Storage of Seasonal Items

The week before Halloween, during a trip to the local, big-box hardware store, I was startled to see the store employees setting up a display of Christmas-themed yard decorations. It would appear that we are now going from baseball season to Christmas shopping, with no traditional Fall in between. Seemingly lost in this abbreviated season which apparently is now the new norm, are the things which we would typically associate with Fall – picking apples, going to the local pumpkin patch, raking leaves – and most importantly (for us here at Synergy, anyway), putting seasonal items in storage for the Winter.
Why store seasonal items in a storage unit? There are a few, logical reasons:

• Mice, moths and mud. If it’s large enough to harbor a mouse, and it offers protection from the elements, you can be sure that Mickey and Minnie will set up camp. Moths love fabric – patio furniture, umbrellas, the canvas grass-catcher on your new lawn mower? Oh yeah. And then there’s the mud. As sure as Winter brings snow, Spring-time brings mud. Storing your seasonal items in a climate-controlled storage unit effectively eliminates any of these concerns.
• Rain, rust and repairs. To leave your seasonal items uncovered and outdoors all Winter is to invite deterioration and disrepair. A climate-controlled storage unit will provide a dry, even-temperature environment for your seasonal items, during the time that they are not needed.
• Space, space, space. Who wants to shovel snow around patio furniture or bicycles? And why clutter up your valuable garage space with things you won’t be using for several months, when you could use that space for your vehicle like it should be used anyway? Never mind the fact that you can’t put a price on not having to go out and scrape the ice off your windshield when you’re already late for work as it is…
• And lastly, when Spring finally rolls around, bring your sleds, sno-tubes and skis with you to the storage unit – why risk damage to your expensive Winter sports gear from the Summer-time heat of an attic?

The retail world may lead you to believe that Christmas comes just after the back-to-school sales, and that the swimwear season starts January 2, but here in New England, we do still have Seasons – four of them, in fact. In light of that, use the space around your home wisely. Place your seasonal items in a climate-controlled storage unit, so that you can retrieve them when the Natural harbingers of Spring return – regardless of what Season the decorations in the local shopping mall say it is.

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